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Black Sacrilegial Offerings is a split album featuring two of the darkest artists from South Texas.

Immersed In Darkness brings a raw old school sound, keeping the black flame burning. They are one of the newest bands to surface from the depths of the valley. This marks their next chapter and there will be no stopping this two piece.

Of Forsaken Divinity is one of the oldest Black Metal bands from deep South Texas. 13 years and stronger than ever, this album marks the next era of true blasphemic metal.




released December 31, 2012



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Southern Blasphemy Records Edinburg, Texas

Southern Blasphemy Records is a web label buried somewhere beneath Edinburg, Tx. This subterranean anthology consists of underground artists that dwell on the fringe of dark music, unrelentingly pursuing obscure and euphonious discord.

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Track Name: Of Forsaken Divinity - For The Glory Of Satan
For The Glory Of Satan

I have come
With weight on my tongue
To Speak
The Devil's words
And To
Set fire to your heart
Only Satan is real
Our Dark master
Of this world
Behold the great serpent
Behold the kingdom of Hell
For the glory of Satan
I have com to speak
The Devil's words
Only Satan is real
Our Dark master
Of this world
Rise from the gallows
Rise up to the Earth
Set fire to the sky
And watch it bleed a thousand times
And rise
For the glory of Satan
Track Name: Of Forsaken Divinity - Deceiver (Spoken Dead Prophet)
Deceiver (Spoken Dead Prophet)

Beholden, great deceiver
Adorned by thorns and glorious fire
Unholy are the words
That you cast before your throne

Beholden, great deceiver
Draped in black and glorious slumber
Unholy are the flames
That you burn before your throne

Disfigured wings with eyes as dead as night,
I am you
Called by the fire and held by the dark,
I am you
Destructive by nature you spit on the cross
I am you
Consumed by the hatred that we created
I am you

Let us burn in our fire and let us bleed by our words
Deceive those who say they fear us and condemn those who say they don't

Let us dwell on earthly desires and let us feast on heavenly flesh
Illuminate those who call upon us and let them speak dead prophecies
Track Name: Of Forsaken Divinity - On The Dweller's Threshold
On The Dweller's Threshold

Here we burn under the cosmos
Spreading the ashes of death
Some were dwellers of the threshold
Others were part of the fire itself
Some spoke with a dwellers tongue
Others stayed silent of the fire's mourn

In the end we are alone
Meant to dwell on a solace path

Cold and absent of life
I carry the fire's scorn
On the dweller's threshold
Though the fire I'm born

On the dweller's threshold
On the dweller's threshold
On the dweller's threshold
On the dweller's threshold

And in the fire, I walk alone
Searching for something that can never burn
And through the fire, I can see the end
Where death waits for me to burn again
Track Name: Of Forsaken Divinity - Betrayal By Fire
(You tell me.......)